What we do

Why Detail?

Car detailing is the art and science of bringing out details in your car. It involves, amongst other things, cleaning, waxing and polishing the interior and exterior of the vehicle. A car that looks feels

and smells good is a car that is bound to bring a smile on your face. Here at Adrian’s Mobile Detailing we do what we do best and prepare cars for any occasion in Canberra area. There is little doubt that a well-detailed car will turn heads so it only makes sense to do so for such occasions as a competition or when preparing to sell a vehicle.

Let your car turn heads again

The detailing process can include any number of procedures but broadly it includes the vacuuming and application of cleaning products and tools to the interior for the purposes of getting rid of dirt and grime. The engine bay is thoroughly degreased and thoroughly cleaned. The exterior of the car is washed, polished and waxed to give it a fresh look and to protect it from dirt, rust, and the sun. Work on the exterior of the car requires care, patience, the right equipment as well as extensive experience. Polishing comes first, removing any contaminants and small marks from the paint. Waxing comes next, and this protects the paintwork. A sealer can also be applied under the wax for added protection. Cars from warmer climates need to be waxed more often.

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